[KCalc] How to continuously use previous result/expression in current expression?

In KCalc when you press Enter then start typing a new expression, the previous expression is cleared


To use previous result, you should type “ans”


While is Qalculate!, when you press Enter then start a new expression, the previous expression is automatically wrapped inside parentheses and included in the current expression, this makes it easy to perform a chain of calculations.

Known bugs, I think the 1st one is resolved.

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Can you clarify what you mean “1st one is resolved”? This ticket is about only one issue, and it is still exhibited by the latest version of kcalc in Arch as of writing this comment. According to the Arch repositories, the current version was compiled on or around May 28th. When was this bug fix merged?

I checked it now, the other one 487614 – KCalc does not consistently follow the order of operations, leading to incorrect results for certain expressions (e.g., 8 - 3 * 2 + 1 evaluates to 1 instead of 3). was fixed and this one is still “confirmed”, yes 487566 – Kcalc doesn't chain result into next calculation anymore