Kcolorchooser vs Gcolor

Lately I’m doing some stuff that requires a load of color editing. Saving a bunch of colors is kinda restricted in kcolorchooser, unless I’m missing something. A preset of 16 colors is, compared to Gcolor, hardly useful to me these days. Is there a way to increase the saved color section in Kcolorchooser?

Gcolor allows a veeery long list. And what’s more, give it a name (tag whatever)

KColorChooser is just the QColorDialog widget embedded in an application with a “Help” button tacked on the bottom left corner. That’s it. Here’s the entire source code, it’s less than 100 lines excluding the header. I don’t recommend using it if you want a serious color picker application, since that’s not really what QColorDialog was made for. I use Gpick instead.

Yes, I know. Kcolorchooser is also a standalone application. But yeah, gpick has more features.

Eyedropper is nice too, and I also use the plasma applet for picking a bunch of colours to use later… but for sure, Gpick is more advanced.

Also, it’s good to use a text file to save a palette - enable previews with kate. I used this to come up with a few variations on Dracula with varied intensities and different hues, works well.