KDE 6.0.4 remote login with virtual screen - i.e. Windows style RDP

Does the current state of development with KDE 6.0.x and Wayland fanfare permit the setup of remote RDP style login with a desktop backed by a virtual screen. It doesn’t have to be point and click, willing to play with setup.

I am aware of the workaround hacks like NoMachine that disable keyboard/mouse/monitor on connection but I’d like a truely not backed by physical session remote desktop.

If not, does anyone know if this is on roadmap for 6.1?

I think 6.1 comes next month.

That being said there is krdp have you tried it?

I can’t get it working but I’ve read good things.

krdp with krfb acts more like a teamviewer for hijacking current sessions connected to real keyboard/mouse/monitor but slightly worse as you still need to confirm to entry to the current session. I tried it months ago it wasn’t practical, leaving the coffee shop to go accept my remote session back home and come back and hope laptop was still there… :sweat_smile: