KDE 6 Dolphin, missing quick access tab

Hello I sadly don’t know how to call it but ever since I updated to kde 6 on arch linux, im missing some tabs on my dolphin file manager, do you guys know whats causing this and how to fix this? Here is a picture of what I mean. If you look to the left of the picture in dolphin its missing some tabs including home, desktop, documents, drives, ect. I cannot seems to find a way to re add it back. Thanks!

On your keyboard press CTRL+M that would bring up the menu bar. On the menu select View → Show Panels and on the submenu of that, there should be an entry named “Places”.

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thank you really much for the help I appreciate it!

Even quicker direct shortcut F9 for the places panel, F11 for the information panel.

You are probably experiencing 481952 – On X11, panels are hidden after minimizing Dolphin window which will be fixed in next dolphin version in Gear 24.02.1

I had a feeling it was a bug. Thank you for letting me know!