KDE 6 with TV resolution default to 4096x2160 24Hz


I’m using Plasma 6 since a few weeks now on Arch Linux, transition from KDE 5.27 has been mostly painless.
I have an annoying issue with my LG Oled TV B8S, which is connected to my PC with HDMI on a radeon 7800XT.
When I power on my PC with the TV, it works fine with 3840x2160 on 60Hz, but if I power on my TV when the PC is already running, it default to 4096x2160 24Hz which is annoying, I have to go to display manager every time to change resolution and refresh rate;

Is there a way to set the configuration for good ? Scaling and HDR stay as configured, but not resolution and refresh rate.
I didn’t need to do this on 5.27.

Thank you.

Kscreen-doctor give me this output :

Output: 3 HDMI-A-1
        priority 3
        Modes:  0:3840x2160@60!  1:4096x2160@60  2:4096x2160@60  3:4096x2160@50  4:4096x2160@30  5:4096x2160@30  6:4096x2160@25  7:4096x2160@24*  8:4096x2160@24  9:3840x2160@60  10:3840x2160@60  11:3840x2160@50  12:3840x2160@30  13:3840x2160@30  14:3840x2160@25  15:3840x2160@24  16:3840x2160@24  17:1920x1200@60  18:1920x1080@120  19:1920x1080@120  20:1920x1080@100  21:1920x1080@60  22:1920x1080@60  23:1920x1080@60  24:1920x1080@50  25:1920x1080@30  26:1920x1080@30  27:1920x1080@25  28:1920x1080@24  29:1920x1080@24  30:1600x1200@60  31:1680x1050@60  32:1280x1024@60  33:1440x900@60  34:1280x800@60  35:1280x720@60  36:1280x720@60  37:1280x720@50  38:1024x768@60  39:800x600@60  40:720x576@50  41:720x480@60  42:720x480@60  43:720x480@60  44:720x480@60  45:640x480@60  46:640x480@60  47:640x480@60  48:1600x1200@60  49:1280x1024@60  50:1024x768@60  51:2560x1600@60  52:1920x1200@60  53:1280x800@60  54:3840x2160@60  55:3200x1800@60  56:2880x1620@60  57:2560x1440@60  58:1920x1080@60  59:1600x900@60  60:1368x768@60  61:1280x720@60 
        Geometry: 5120,180 2048x1080
        Scale: 2
        Rotation: 1
        Overscan: 0
        Vrr: incapable
        RgbRange: unknown
        HDR: enabled
                SDR brightness: 200 nits
                SDR gamut wideness: 0%
                Peak brightness: 0 nits
                Max average brightness: 0 nits
                Min brightness: 0 nits
        Wide Color Gamut: enabled
        ICC profile: none

For mode 7:4096x2160@24* what does * mean ?
And mode 0:3840x2160@60!, what does ! mean ?

I guess my problem is there, I want to use mode 0 by default, not mode 7.

For now, I use kscreen-doctor output.HDMI-A-1.mode.0 to quickly switch mode, but I didn’t found a reliable way to do it automatically when I power on my TV.