KDE Alternative for Junction

Greetings, I do apologize for my lack of knowledge in this matter but I really wanted to know if there was some KDE/Qt alternative to the application Junction to open links and file.

Is it by any chance possible to use the xdg-desktop-portal-kde window as an alternative? Also for normal application handling (i.e. non flatpak)? When I try to open a file in the attachment in Thunderbird (That I installed trough flatpak) the xdg-desktop-portal-kde shows itself but I’m not able to set it in: xdg-settings set default-web-browser nor xdg-settings set default-url-scheme-handler http and whatnot. Does anyone know it that wouild be possible? It would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance to whomever will lend me a helping hand.

Never used Junction but from what I saw in a screenshot, native Clipboard has an Action Menu providing alternative programs for opening links, files etc.

(Re flatpaks, no idea I don’t use flatpaks.)

Thank you for the reply. Yes, indeed. The MIME action menu was in my list of alternative, although I would still prefer the kde portal to show up when i click on a link, in a similar way of Junction.

It already shows up for other application (Also non flatpak) when clicking on open with for various type of files, that’s why I was wandering if it could be set to open also for normal links. Any hint?