KDE application windows go out of bounds of the monitor

I have a laptop (Vostro 15) with a maximum monitor resolution of 1366x768. For whatever reason KDE windows often open with some parts, usually the bottom, out of bounds of the monitor. Which means buttons like “Apply” “OK” and “Cancel” do not even appear on the screen. Sometimes I don’t even realise I’m missing these buttons and wonder why the changes I made are not getting applied when I close the window.

Afaik this only happens with kde windows, and ironically often with ones used for customising some other window or property.
Usual fixes involve moving and, or resizing to get things done. But some windows like the the one in attached image (Edit Current Profile for Konsole) do not like being manually resized (vertically, horizontal resizing is OK). Although I can tile them to any size just fine.

The only permanent solution I can think of adding another panel at the bottom like the one on top. I assume this will prevent all windows from going beyond the makeshift boundary.

If anyone has a more robust and elegant solution please let me know. Like any way I can make all windows open within this certain resolution? I’ve been a linux user (Garuda linux) for only 2 weeks now so I might be missing something

You can move the window, for instance using Meta (aka Window key) and drag the window, the buttons will be accessible then.

This is an issue in konsole, ideally the dialog would adapt to the available space but here the dialog is not even resizable.


Thank you for your help! Googling this issue did bring up results mentioning the Alt+Drag shortcut from until like last year. But since it didn’t work I was stumped and just came to the forums. Thanks to you I didn’t have to mess up my desktop layout and got a perfectly working solution until, hopefully, the issue is fixed.

Alt+Drag was the old shortcut, we had to change to accommodate applications.
It had been the some shortcut since the beginning of Linux Desktop environment, but it changed 3 years ago Change CommandAllKey to Meta (!12) · Merge requests · Plasma / KWin · GitLab in plasma.