KDE Connect and syncing music

Hi all. I’m relatively new to linux (a couple months in, loving it) so please bear with me if the answer should be obvious. I couldn’t find anything while searching.

Using OpenSUSE TW, KDE Plasma 5.27.7

I’m trying to get my music library set up and able to sync to my phone. I know I can do this manually over KDE Connect, but I’m curious if there’s any way to make my Connect-ed phone appear as an MTP device or removable device so that media libraries like Strawberry, Rhythmbox, etc recognize it as a device to sync with?

Or do I just have to suck it up and plug the phone into the PC?
(I can do that, of course, I’d just love a wireless solution like I used to have with MediaMonkey on Windows.)


No, only as an SFTP device.

Yes, unfortunately. Or if you can find an easy way to sync to it via the SFTP capabilities already built into KDE connect.