Kde connect as a webcam

Apples continuity cam is a really neat tech that allows people to use their iphone as a webcam. It can even change the webcam source without interrupting the webcam stream.

And I am thinking if that could be a useful feature for kde connect.

Some pros and cons:
There is already a native way to do that with android and it is to use the phone as a webcam when having it plugged in via usb.

For me in practice, this however has not been a usable solution due to usb-c being easy to accidentally disconnect and the feature seeming underdeveloped in general. I have not found a way to switch between camera lenses for instance and the resolution you can get out of this is quite poor.

There are also multiple droidcam apps that will plug into your OBS, but … having to find the trustworthy one amongst 6 identically named apps with camera permission and messing with obs virtual cams is probably not a good UX for the average user.

So I think having a neat kde application for this, maybe even with some amount of compositing features, would be pretty neat imo.


Maybe the first step would be to ask for KDE Connect to support the device webcam as an input device; this could work both ways. It would be an extension of what is already possible with keyboard and trackpad input.

After this, asking for something like continuity cam would be easier.

Is it already a requestad feature for KDE Connect? Where can we check the development and the requests for KDE Connect?

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I think that to nurture the brainstorm you should look for the things I was referring to.

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Yes, Yes, Yes … it is just that unfortunately I also have a lot of other things on my mind right now and have not gotten the time to take a proper look a t the things you have mentioned. ._.

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I’m actually pretty happy that someone gets it, people usually open threads and stop there :confounded:

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Yes. That would be a requirement anyway and already a big help for me personally. I have heard tho, that video loopback in the linux kernel right now is a bit icky … hence everything is using OBS. A more versed person than me should probably take a closer look at this.

I have skimmed this forum when doing my post. I did not find it in another thread. But it seems to be a commonly searched thing on google.

But it seems to be a heavily requested feature in general:

Google Search for query "use phone". The first autocomplete suggestion is "use phone as webcam

Screenshot of Google search in a private browser in a university network. Also replicated on another persons device.

KDE-specific web sources I could find:

:exploding_head::ok_hand:Wow, this would be really useful if implemented. Like just clicking on an icon to change the source cam as PC’S or Mobile’s. Same goes for using Mobile as audio input too. Or sharing mobile screen as input ( for whatever use cases it might bring), like screen mirroring or something like that.
KDE connect really has the potential to bridge devices across different brand ecosystems and being a lot useful🔥.

Maybe a popup in mobile asking what to share:
Screen with/without audio

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there is a also already a Suggestion around that as well.

Thinking of it … I also really wish I could have used my phones NFC reader on my OS as well.

Useful for reading out smart cards. Having that as an inexpensive hardware key would be pretty neat.

It seems that the feature suggestion on Phabricator groups all these functions together. We should try to focus people attention on that task, or at least revive the task itself, right?

And of course the way to Unlock PC via mobile’s fingerprint is :fire:. But not sure about the security risks about it.

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Yes. These ideas are great, but they have to have continuity well beyond “the idea” stage to succeed. This implies more people joining the community as productive contributors. It is unrealistic to expect more and more features bye implemented and maintained by the same static, often shrinking, group of developers.

So, if you have a brilliant idea like this (and it is pretty brilliant) try and think of how you, or someone you know can join the community to help make it real.


Might it be helpful to find some use case for this feature that would benefit the Steam Deck?

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game streaming?

For streaming, now they don’t have to buy a separate camera and setup, they can just play with steam deck and keep the other phone in a stand and that’s it. Useful for games, meetings, recording for those who use it as PC. The use cases are versatile and it’s definitely useful.

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