KDE Connect ClipBoard sync

This product is amazing, i love it but there is tiny noisy thing, every time when i need to transfer clipboard from android to PC i need to manually press the button on phone in the same time as from pc to android i don’t need to do that, it’s automatically. Please could you make feature which will allow to do clipboard transfer android → pc automatically as it woks in opposite way?

This is an unfortunate decision on Android’s end, and there’s nothing KDE Connect can do right now. However, there is some workarounds you can try: KDEConnect - KDE UserBase Wiki

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Thank you for your answer, i’ve rooted my device but i don’t see any tips there on how to remove that restriction, could you please give any advice on that?

I have found module for Magisk but that tutorial in Readme is something on enchantment table language for me, could you if you can help sort this out?
Here is the github with that module: GitHub - Kr328/Riru-ClipboardWhitelist: A module of Riru/Zygisk. Allowing apps to access the clipboard in the background on Android 10.

I have installed Zygisk Clipboard Whitelist from Kr328, but it’s not copying from android to pc still, do i need to adjust something else to make it work properly?

I’m not sure, you might have to ask the KDE Connect people. I’m okay with the notification, so I never tried the other methods :slight_smile: