KDE Connect conflicts with (X) emacs

I’ve been using emacs for the past 30 years, it has of course run fine.

FYI, the key sequence ctrl-K , cuts the current line, ctrl-Y pastes it back.

After installing KDEConnect and enabling the “clipboard sync” in plugins. Odd behaviour happens:

ctrl-Y pastes a previous line. ESC (Meta) Y pops the most recent line…i.e. if you cut
then cut
an use ctrl-Y , you get TEST1 (should be TEST2) then M-Y you get TEST2 …it appears the two most recent cuts are reversed.

Note this ONLY happend with emacs running under X. If you run emacs in a terminal you do not get this behaviour. (so it looks to be related to X)

I’ve now disabled “Clipboard Sync” and the problem has gone away