KDE Connect - Device Chat plugin

Idea proposal for a KDE Connect plugin, which frankly, I’m surprised doesn’t already exist from day one.

The idea is simple. Think of a regular everyday chat messenger (Telegram, Signal, Matrix, etc). You have a list of people to chat with, an input box to type into, and a chat history box. Pretty simple.

Instead of chatting with “people”, you “chat” with your paired devices. You can put links into chat, write text, paste images from the clipboard, attach files, etc.

Pushbullet has had this feature for years… probably a decade or more by now, and it’s puzzling why Connect hasn’t done something similar yet.


Great idea!
It could be mixed with a feature similar to https://dropoverapp.com

I don’t have any need for KDEConnect, but I can see this being very handy for many.