KDE Connect does not work on android 4.4.4

I have an old tablet, with which I study at the university, and with kde connect I transfer all the necessary files between my devices, it was very useful, I had managed to put together a very good ecosystem, but for some time now the application stopped working for me work since it stopped detecting the devices that I had linked and new devices to link do not appear either.

I want to know if that only happened to me and if there is some way to solve it, whether it’s a modified apk or something.

Thank you so much.

KDE Connect is listed in the Google Play store and FDroid as requiring android 5.0 and higher.

Android 4.4.4 is nearly 10yrs out of date and you should really consider a newer device if possible for security reasons alone or rooting and installing a custom rom if possible though that has security implications of its own.

Google have made the requirements for play store apps updates require an android api level higher than 4.4.4 so likely the kde connect minimum requirements was bumped in kind. You even get warnings for apps targeting 5.1 or lower with android 13 i think dropping support for certain older API levels entirely.

I dont own any older android devices than android 6 so i cant see if it happens for me but i know on android 6 and newer devices i havent had problems

Yes, I know but for the use I give to that device, I don’t see the need to change it.

The device is rooted, but I do not change the ROM because the hardware is not enough, the ram that Android 5 consumes is greater than that needed by Android 4.

My tablet is a Samsung tab E 9.6.

So I want to see if I can find a solution to my problem with kde connect.

Which I’m sure there must be, until the last update it worked fine.

And by having the Android rooted there is more freedom to modify apks.

well if its a recent change and not “for some time” which implies it was a while ago you might want to report an issue to the bug tracker :+1: make sure you can pin point exactly when it stopped working and give details on the issue. Just be aware android 5.0 is technically the requirement.

Afaik Android 4 has some pretty serious security issues and vulnerabilities by this point. If it works for you i guess :sweat_smile:

Yes, I’m going to wait to see if anyone else answers me or if anyone knows how to solve the problem, and I’ll put it in that category that you told me.