KDE Connect File Transfer - Stalled most of the time

I’m trying to use KDE Connect 1.29.0 on a CalyxOS Pixel 6a phone to transfer a 1.4G file to a 22.04 MATE linux box (kdeconnect app 1.0 version) that are on the same local network.

I’m able to transfer the file, but its very slow. The kdeconnect-app window shows that most of the time the file transfer is ‘Stalled’ with short windows of high speed transfer. It’s taking about 1 hour to transfer the 1.4G file.

Is this repeated stalling normal or expected behavior?

Is there a way to avoid it?

Staying in KDE connect app in Android helps me at times to avoid these problems. Minimising or locking screen causes file transfers to halt or end

If it’s really important and u are in need check out Localsend, it’s a cross platform FOSS app to share files between devices. But still even in this app it works seamlessly when u stay on the app screen. I suspect the issue is with the Android :thinking:


It seems that, with KDE Frameworks 5.102 support was added to allow KDE Connect to transfer files larger than 2 GB – <https://9to5linux.com/kde-frameworks-5-102-enables-file-transfers-over-2gb-in-kde-connect>
But, I can’t find that statement in the Frameworks 5.102 release announcement – <https://kde.org/announcements/frameworks/5/5.102.0/>

Here with Frameworks 5.103 but, I haven’t tested if KDE Connect behaves as expected – the only file I have which is larger than 2 GB is an ISO of 4.2 GB.

 > kf5-config --version
Qt: 5.15.8
KDE Frameworks: 5.103.0
kf5-config: 1.0