KDE Connect is giving the message: "Keyboard input not supported by the paired device"

I have version: 1.24.2 of the connect app. Running on a Motorolla 5G stylus.

I’m getting the same message across two installations of Kubuntu (23.04).

The remote mouse input works fine. But if I select the keyboard I get this error message. And I cannot find anything about the message online:

“Keyboard input not supported by the paired device”

Any updates on this? Running into the same issue.

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Out of nowhere it just started working for me.

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Having the same issue, found any fix

I was having the problem when I had the following config:
Android app, from F-Droid.
Kubuntu 23.04. Running Wayland.

I switched the following:
Kubuntu. Running X11.

That was what resolved the problem for me.

I’ve also switched to the Google Play store instead of F-Droid. I was tired of no auto-update.