KDE connect, It will not connect for the SMS function. It just "waits" and waits

Host: greg-inspiron5767 Kernel: 5.15.114-1-MANJARO arch: x86_64 bits: 64
Desktop: KDE Plasma v: 5.27.4 Distro: Manjaro Linux
Type: Laptop System: Dell product: Inspiron 5767
Mobo: Dell model: 03XWWJ v: A00
UEFI-[Legacy]: Dell v: 1.5.0 date: 06/11/2021
KDEconnect 23.04.0-1
HUAWEI P30 lite

My phone is definitely connected, most things work, but when I try to use “SMS messages,” the app just hangs at this SMS connection window. Iv tried everything that i can search.

So it looks like it is connecting and it is syncing the contacts list and it will send/receive sms’s but i will not display any messages?


Has there been any progress in understanding why KDE Connect SMS isn’t working? (At least for some of us). Mine is doing the same thing as it is for jackdinn. KDE Connect pairs fine with my devices, though, and everything else seems to work ok.

KDE Connect SMS has always been problematic for me, probably because I have a TON of messages.

Sometimes it works like a breeze, sometimes it doesn’t.
Sometimes deleting all of the kdeconnect data from ~/.config and ~/.cache helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

A lot of times, I end up just using the clipboard sync function to type out a message on my computer and paste it into the SMS app, or maybe use the remote keyboard function.

I found a merge request from a few months back that purported to fix the issue, but work on it seems to have stalled.

Interesting, I just tried killing both kdeconnect processes (kdeconnectd and kdeconnect-sms, then deleting both the kdeconnect.sms and kdeconnect.daemon folders under ~/.cache, and that seems to have brought it back to life in an instant.

No guarantees that it will work for you (or even for me a couple days from now), but it’s worth trying. :slight_smile:

Yeah, KDE Connect is one of the most disappointing KDE apps I have tried. The only things I want it to do, SMS and “Browse this Device”, are the ones that do not work. Don’t really need it for anything else. It’s been like this for YEARS. I think it is abondonware now.
Luckily Microsoft has figured this out with it’s Phone Connect. I just switch to my Windows install when I need to send an SMS.

I understand your frustration, but that’s pretty rude and great way to discourage anyone new from contributing to a solution.

Contrary to what you might think, SMS messaging on Android is not handled the same on every device and many popular vendors like Huawei and Samsung lack any documentation for how and why they do things differently than AOSP.

There’s nothing wrong with suggesting proprietary solutions that just work better, but it would be a good idea to note the different level of importance that KDE and Microsoft place on privacy and data collection.

I would highly recommend users consider the content of their SMS database before running their personal correspondence through closed-source products from a company with a very poor track record of respecting your privacy.