KDE Connect keeps disconnecting from my phone when connected to Manjaro Desktop

As said in title, this seems to happen only with my phone, and doesnt happen with my Samsung tab.

It keeps saying ‘This paired device is not reachable. Make sure it is connected to the same network.’.

It is connected to the same network, i even tried all the combinations of 5ghz and 2.4ghz wifi

Everytime i go to the app and try to reconnect by refreshing, it connects for less than a second(clipboard copies over) and disconnects immediately, and also disconnects everything that my desktop is connected to. It sometimes keeps the connection for longer.

What is odd is, it didnt happen like this just until a few days ago, till when it worked perfectly fine.

On further research this seems to happen everytime there is a notification on my phone, the notification sync fails and disconnects from my pc