Kde Connect languages support issue

New user to Kde.
Does Kde connect support remote input method from Kde apps android to PC ? I try a difference languages but it doesn’t output

Android > PC (Ubuntu)

  1. Install extra ubuntu languages - How To Setup Ubuntu Computer for Chinese Writing Input
  2. Install https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kde.kdeconnect_tp&hl=en&gl=US
  3. Install https://play.google.com/store/search?q=google+board&c=apps and add Chinese hand writing
  4. Choose Remote Input and at the top Choose “Compose Send”
  5. Type some Chinese character like 一,二,三 and Send but the Text Editor or Office Writer is empty.

Standard English languages is working as i was typing this sentences with the phone but Chinese characters does not get output at all.
I found out there are different release version at Network / KDE Connect · GitLab

Which version on Kde Connect support Chinese character ?

Hi, this very probably wasn’t tested with Chinese or other non-latin language. I would recommend to create a bug report at bugs.kde.org to make the developer aware of this issue.

Few years ago , at GS-connect Collaborator developer mention kde connect have no problem in non-latin languages and working.

I expect both with same functionality.
Does anyone able to test non latin character on their KDE Neon ?
I suppose this would be an important features or bug fix.