KDE Connect - Reconnect after Windows Sleep

I couldn’t find a definitive answer googling. Is there a way to reconnect KDE automatically after waking from sleep on Windows? I got as far as setting up WOL using macrodroid/tasker (wake, but not unlocked), but it still doesn’t seem to reconnect in that state until I log in on windows and “configure”. I saw some stuff about hibernation or keepalive but nothing that clearly made sense to me.

if suspend/resume are not working as expected i’ve found the key is ensuring linux has full access to your firmware’s acpi features and then making sure your swap is sized and working properly.

unless those things working all attempts to troubleshoot will be compromised.

… I think he’s talking about using KDE connect on MS-Windows

Yeah sorry its KDE connect to Windows. Connection breaks on sleep, and was hoping I could get the connection to persist through sleep, or reenable on wake on lan, if either works.

So, you’re running KDE connect on both Windows and Linux to connect them to eachother? Which is going to sleep?

I have KDE Connect on Android, and when my Windows PC goes to sleep it disconnects. In order to reconnect, I have to unlock PC and configure KDE. I was hoping sending a WOL would have KDE auto reconnect but there must be another step.

I’m sorry, but I’m not familiar with Windows - and especially not KDE Connect on Windows, but I’ll try to help anyway:

When KDE Connect is connected to the phone, it uses a service process called kdeconnectd. It appears that there was a similar issue, at least in the past, and I believe it was the service process crashing. Can you check if you can see the kdeconnectd process on your system after you come back from sleep?

I opened task manager → services and didn’t see it after wake, but also I reconnected the link to my phone and while it was active it also didn’t show that particular service (unless I’m looking in the same spot). I appreciate you helping even though its outside of your familiarity. The other solution is probably to just lock and not sleep my PC, although I was hoping to save battery while having the ability to send files as needed to my PC.

When KDE Connect is connected to the phone, there should be some sort of process running on your system whose name looks something like “KDE Connect”. Find it and then compare it to how it looks after waking from sleep. Then we can discuss what’s are the possible problems.