KDE Connect with shared WIFI


My laptop is currently setup to be a Wi-Fi repeater. The reason is the place I am interning only allow one MAC address per person to be connected to the office Wi-Fi. So I connect my laptop to that Wi-Fi and open an access point on the laptop, so I can access the internet with my phone. The problem with this setup is KDE Connect doesn’t work between my laptop and phone. Is there any configuration that I need to change to make it work?

The Wi-Fi hot spot is configured using Plasma Settings/Wi-Fi (shared). Everything work with normal setup.

Oh, that never occurred to me. Just the other way around: “Abused” one phone as router and KDEConnect did work.

Did you scan your local “neighborhood” (nmap or ning)? Can you see your other device? If so, try adding it by IP.

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Haha, messing around with nmap make me realize: my laptop has firewalld installed. Somehow, I completely forgot about that. Enabling KDE Connect in firewalld makes everything work correctly. :melting_face:

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