KDE crashing seemingly randomly

KDE will slowly become less and less responsive until new windows will cause the entire system to just break completely by new window updates not rendering properly, resulting in patchy black boxes that stay frozen on the screen being the only updates that happen. This has been going on for months now and i have no idea where to look. any help would be appreciated, i really don’t wanna have to go back to gnome but this is beyond bad and makes my machine basicly unusable.

system details:
kde plasma 5.24.7
frameworks 5.98.0
kubuntu 22.04
RX 480
amd ryzen 3200g

Likely something’s gobbling memory. I suggest running system monitor so that you can see the memory usage.

Note that this version is no longer supported by KDE; I would strongly recommend upgrading your Kubuntu to 23.04 which will give you Plasma 5.27 which is supported, and also stands a decent chance of fixing the issue that yo’re experiencing.

thanks! it looks like for some reason i was actually on ubuntu with KDE installed on top of it and i just forgot. Kubuntu 23.04 seems to not have this issue