KDE Discover .desktop file broken

The title speaks for itself :stuck_out_tongue: Basically, when i boot up in KDE on Endeavour OS, the kde discover desktop gets broken immediately.

What do you mean “broken”?


Just run in to the same problem after applying a new theme in plasma6. It seems as it is the icon to launch bash.
It now looks like a empty paper

First is Start meny, second is not working (more below), Dolphin, Browser (no icon but works, Vesktop, My running browser.

Second icon, mouse-over say, org.kde.discover.desktop and when click on it an error message popup saying: (check next post for screenshot, not allowed to more then one attachment).

If i open Alacritty via start menu it works fine, so i added the Alacritty to toolbar and unpinned the broken one.

Now i have an new issue, but i think it’s not related, whenever i open an new shell i get: bash: Desktop: command not found


Do the icons look correct with the default Breeze icon theme? If so, the problem is that your 3rd-party icon theme isn’t fully compatible with Plasma 6 yet.