KDE has UI Inconsistencies too

Many of us laugh at Windows 11 for its incredible inconsistent user interface language.
A good user interface should have defined rules where which elements are placed.

In Plasma you can find a few examples of UI Inconsistency too.

For example: Share Dialogs

I took screenshots of the different dialogs and made some mockups that would make the interface look more consistent.

Discover Original

Discover Mockup

Koko Original

Koko Mockup

Audiotube Original


This is nice work - definitely. It looks to be primarily about Plasma Mobile, though these applications are not Plasma Mobile specific. Have you thought about how this UI will look in desktop mode?

Personally, for popup dialogs on the desktop - such as the share popup, I’m not a fan of bottom panes: it is not often obvious what happened, when they open, especially if you the window is maximized on a large screen. A modal popup in the middle of the screen makes a lot more sense. Of course on mobile, it is different - but if you want to change the UI for a mainline application that has both a mobile and desktop mode, you should have a consistent design between both (not the same, but consistently different).

BTW - I’m not sure what you mean about UI consistencies - not that I think anyone ever claimed that KDE has a consistent look and feel across Plasma and KDE Gear apps, let alone standalone non-mainline apps like Koko and AudioTube - but the share popup is definitely something I didn’t see in any KDE Gear app other than discover. Is there even a Kirigami widget for this or is this a per-app implementation?

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