KDE ISO Image Writer: Some usability proposals

Thought I’d share my first impressions after using Image Writer for the first time right now.
This is what the UI looks like for me. Clean and simple.

  1. What the USB drive selector shows at first glance is the irrelevant part of the device location, to see the relevant part, the name and size of the stick I am about to write to, I have to open up the pull-down.
    Is there a need to show all the /org/freedesktop stuff? It’ll be identical for all USB sticks up to …/block_devices/ I presume. Even if the field was wider initially to fit all text, it sort of hides the stuff which is relevant amongst lots of text.

  2. Second thing I noticed is the comment regarding the missing key for the ISO.
    I guess one could (wrongly) assume that the create button next to it creates such a key? I know better, but think what would help would be a little ? button with some info on what to do about this.
    Like “Download the key from the supplier of the ISO and place it in the same directory as the ISO”. The iso I am about to create doesn’t come with a key file so I am just guessing that this what needs to be done?

Other than that I think this is a great little app, thanks for creating it!

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