KDE Itinerary: When India will be listed?

I downloaded KDE Itinerary on Fedora, shocked to see India is not listed. India has one of the largest rail network in the world. What is the roadmap to include India?

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It depends on what is added to the kpublictransport library as far as I know, and there appears to be nothing in the src/lib/networks directory that indicates anything towards India being supported.

Depending on how big India’s transport networks are, it may be added slower than smaller countries, but I really have no clue of the internal goings-on in the Itinerary team.

P.S. To any devs: I’d love to help add New Zealand to the supported countries too :slight_smile:

Afaik the current main initiative for this is Transitous. It’s quite recent, but I’ve been hearing a lot about it from Itinerary developers on planet.kde.org, so it seems like that’s what they’ll be using going forward. GitHub - public-transport/transitous: Free and open public transport routing.

Here’s the documentation for contributing. Programming knowledge is not necessary: Transitous

Thank you @Leopold for pointing. The Git appears complex.

Right, there are basically two ways of getting public transport coverage for more regions/operators into Itinerary/KTrip/etc:

  • Dedicated support in KPublicTransport for their public transport routing API. In the easiest case this is just another configuration file if an already supported API/routing engine is used, but in the worst case it can mean reverse engineering and implementing an entirely new thing.

  • Since recently there is also a community-operated free and open public transport routing service (Transitous) that we can use. For regions/operators to be added there we need at least the base schedule data in GTFS format, ideally also realtime schedule data in GTFS-RT format. If that is freely available, it’s a matter of a small configuration file most of the times.

Either of that is helped by API/data/documentation being properly available under free and open licenses. Country-wide unified API/data rather than a highly operator/regionally fragmented system also simplifies this a lot. But first and foremost this depends on input/guidance from somebody familiar with the public transport system in that region, as this is often tricky to research from abroad, let alone judge the quality/usefulness of the results.

Transitous already shows some data for New Zealand, so with 24.05 that should be available in Itinerary/KTrip as well. And I’d obviously love to see India covered too :slight_smile:

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It might look daunting, but the only really relevant part for adding new regions is the feeds folder, which contains json files for all regions.

Neat! I wasn’t sure when Transitious support would be added into Itinerary (I’m the maintainer for the NZ feeds :smile:), so I’m very much looking forward to 24.05 then!

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As of 2021, Indian Railways operated around 13,169 passenger trains daily. All these services have schedules and running status. Indian railways official website https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/mntes/ has all the information. India has a total of 28 states and 8 union territories (UTs) . Each of these administrative bodies run their own public transit systems. In addition, India has 130 airports and is expanding as I write this.

Google has mapped all the information in Google Maps. This includes schedules and running status.

With 1.4 billion people with aspiration and dedication, India is poised to become 2 largest economy in India soon. So, if the information is available here, would attract more users.