KDE Neon 6/Plasma 6, a few annoyances

Upfront, KDE Neon 6.0 has pulled me away from Ubuntu Gnome as my default! But, I do have a few annoyances.

  • WiFi seems to go to sleep. Randomly, sometimes every 10min or so, sometimes hours without issue, “offline” notices start appearing. If I open the Wifi widgit, only 1 wireless network shows up at first then, then all the other nearby wifi networks populate, and my connection comes alive, and all is good. Sometimes, I have to switch to my other wifi to get it to wake up.

  • Touchpad 4 finger swipe up sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Sometimes takes a very long swipe, sometimes takes a short swipe.

Any clues on tweaks/fixes for the above?

Are you using Ubuntu and just added the repos for Neon or smthn or how did you “install plasma 6”?

Well, KDE Plasma 6.0 won’t ship in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (out in April) but some sort of backport PPA/repo may possibly appear, if not soon then surely after the release of Ubuntu 24.10 in October (which is all-but nailed-on to ship KDE Plasma 6.0, or 6.1 if out in time).

Users of the (Ubuntu 22.04-based) KDE neon can upgrade to KDE Plasma 6.0 from today, and new ISOs are available to download — if you’re interested in trying this release I recommend KDE neon, it’s what I used to write this post.

Seems you have to wait until October or use another distro to get a “supported version of plasma 6”.

I see how my original post could be confusing. (I updated original.)
I’m using KDE Neon 6.0

OS: KDE neon 6.0 x86_64
Kernel: 6.5.0-25-generic
DE: Plasma 6.0.0
WM: kwin

…Double post, caused by wifi dropping…LOL!

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There is honestly so much stuff going on right now and with a brand new relase, bugs are to be expected, but the wifi one sounds pretty serious.

To begin with, have you checked if something similar is reported as a bug on https://bugs.kde.org/ ?

You using a widget immediately gets me to suspect unported widget, make sure all your stuff is ported to plasma 6 or disable before going further.

Understood about the new release and bugs.

Could not find a similar bug report.

Sorry, not wifi widget (I’m adjusting to the Neon terminology).
It’s the network manager in the systray.

Start KSystemLog and have it open.
When the wifi drops next time, take a look in the logs and report back your findings.

That sounds like the wifi is scanning and then presents what it finds.
The one already there is probably the network you have the password saved.

The question is why it is dropping your connection and not autoconnecting.
Does it connect to your network at boot > login?

I’ll see what ksystemlog says, thanks!

It autoconnects at login, no issues.
I have 2 SSID’s that I use, both have their passwords saved. But when the one I’m using drops, only it shows up in network manager on opening. (FYI, the fact that the network manager is not scanning for all available networks once one is connected and the user isn’t asking to see the list, kinda makes sense. That may not be a symptom of the dropped network problem.)