KDE & Neon Dev's (Urgent Feature!) Plasma 6 onwards

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As everybody knows there has been quite a few issues with the KDE Neon plasma 6 release, sufficed to say i had to change my OS completely as neon (User) edition was my stable daily driver and was no longer usable after the update, the update took me by surprise as i just thought it was just another update until logged back in and realised it was plasma 6, that’s my story.

This could have been avoided with one simple change!!..

My Proposal is to employ a notification system on the User edition of KDE Neon which would involve a simple notification in discover software centre to user’s that the system is updating to a new (Version or Base or KDE Plasma stack) with the popup stating would you like to continue;


  • If a user clicks (OK) = Updates the system to said version and user (agreed)

  • If a user clicks (CANCEL) = Update is paused till (Specified Time or until a point release)

A very simple method which is not new but saves the Dev’s the Users and everybody’s sanity :slight_smile:

Whats everyone’s thoughts on this?

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Did you have automatic updates turned on? If not, then there was a point in time when you clicked the Update button.

It sort of does, at least in my case it did. It warned me that it was going to be removing packages in order to install the new ones from 6.0. I suppose if you use the automatic updates with the Ubuntu unattended upgrades you might not be aware of it, but otherwise, there really should have been no surprise.

Yes indeed i clicked the update button, saw the updates and the message that some packages were going to be removed, here’s my point i thought it was just a normal update not the upgrade to plasma 6 otherwise i would have paused before going ahead, i take responsibility for that.

Like i was saying a simple notification similar to the one in Ubuntu would be a lot more clear for users and avoid in my case having to reinstall a complete OS and losing some work (my mistake!)

Ubuntu Upgrade Notification

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I don’t disagree, and this is something I’d like to improve upon. See 450235 – Show a "New Plasma version" notification when a major Plasma version update is available.

awesome, it just makes sense at this point to include a notification of an upgrade that is of significance to cover both developer’s and users, i hope to see it included hopefully in a future update.

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As far as I know isn’t automatic upgrades enabled by default? Or was it the update on shutdown? Are they the same thing?

No, though the system will check for updates periodically.

neon does have systemd’s offline-updates feature turned on by default.

These are not related.