KDE neon installer stuck at "install bootloader"

I am trying to install KDE Neon on my Lenovo X1 Carbon (6th gen). I am choosing to just wipe everything on the disk and start over.

I have a bootable Neon USB and I am able to get to the install screen. I go through the initial steps of choosing timezone, username, keyboard layout, etc and I am off to the races. Installation proceeds to about 78% and stops at the “Install bootloader” screen as shown below

How can I get this to move forward? Please help!

You probably need to start over. Make sure to verify the ISO image isn’t corrupted during download. Try different USB sticks, and even different software to create the USB.

One thing I try when this happens (also can happen in a regular *buntu once in a while) is to make sure to be disconnected from the internet, so that the installer doesn’t try and download any bootloader files, and use the ones already in the image. This can help, but it might not.

You can click on the icon next to the % number, and maybe see what is happening. I just noticed this recently, after many years :face_with_monocle:


Make sure to verify the ISO image isn’t corrupted during download.

No matter how many times I try downloading the user edition image from KDE neon along with the PGP signature key, KDE ISO Image Writer complains that it is wrong signature. Is it just me?

make sure to be disconnected from the internet

I was not connected to the internet to begin with but then the installer displayed a warning so I connected :man_facepalming:

:information_source: Update
I was able to get this to work by downloading a fresh copy of the ISO from Mirrorlist /neon/images/user/20231130-0716/neon-user-20231130-0716.iso

I made sure that the md5 hash of the downloaded file matches the one shown on that page. Curiously, KDE ISO Imager still complained that the file could not be verified since the signature is wrong. I just ignored that and created my USB disk.

I did not connect to the internet until the installation finished completely.

All in all, I don’t know specifically what did the trick but I was able to install and everything is working as expected now. Thanks again!

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