Kde Neon Plasma 6 overview for open tabs in browser too?

Silly me!
Still haven’t figured what command to use so as to admire KDE Neon Plasma 6 show with its preview feature, all open apps! sheesh!
Question tho…
Is it possible to have it show all open tabs in any given browser at the same time?
Something like what Windows 11 does, but only with Edge.

Working with dual monitors.

It is not possible at the moment.

But it could exist, it would probably require a new wayland protocol, and a lot of efforts by the browser developers, plasma and kwin developers.
Worth posting a feature request on bugs.kde.org, but don’t expect this feature be implemented anytime soon, this is in the class of VERY hard feature to implement.

I would wonder how should it render with my 30-100 tabs constantly opened :sweat_smile:

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