KDE Neon - Shout out if you like rebooting!

Regarding KDE Neon -

I’ve never encountered an O/S which requires almost DAILY rebooting in order to keep itself up to date. Indeed I’ve had an MX Linux box that’s been running flawlessly for several months now, which has never been rebooted, faithfully installing it’s updates (not needing to reboot) without bother to the operator, who can then focus on the workflow at hand.

ALAS, not KDE NEON!! One must reboot almost DAILY in order to operate with the knowledge the O/S is up to date.

– loving KDE, but lamenting the monotonous, rebootus interuptus infinitus of the Neon implementation.

I am sorry to hear that, but what’s the connection to Kdenlive?

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Yeah, a bit off topic, lol.

In any case, like most Linux things, this can be changed. The offline-updates feature can be turned off in System Settings, if desired, with a single click.

Most users aren’t getting daily updates, I sure don’t, even with a fairly custom setup. But it is often enough for some that this would be annoying. But that depends on one’s added repositories. Some PPAs update daily, for example. Not all, mind you.

running flawlessly for several months now, which has never been rebooted

Not one single kernel patch for security fixes? yikes.


Can OP change the tag? It surely hasn’t anything to do with Kdenlive. Perhaps KDE Neon is missing as a tag but that is no reason to tag with something close …

EDIT: There is a tag neon that should be used

I removed the kdenlive tag and added the neon tag.

I think think if OP wants to discuss about update policies of distros this can be moved to Community . If OP just wants to rant they should get a blog.



If OP just wants to rant they should get a blog.



If you think Neon updates a lot, try running Steam. :wink: A significant portion of those updates are not pushed out by Neon, but by Ubuntu. The KDE portion of Neon is on a predictable schedule. The Ubuntu portion is a bit less predicable.

Because Neon uses some 3rd party PPAs for things like Nvidia drivers, Firefox and so on, you may find you are receiving updates more often than on another distro. Then of course, any PPAs that you add will show up there as well. As mentioned, go to “System Setting”, scroll to the bottom, and select “Software Update”, and then turn off “Use Offline Updates” (uncheck the box).

I use offline updates for some critical stuff like kernels, drivers, firmware, and important libs. I then turn it off for regular software and non-critical system components.

IRC that’s on purpose, if you want to change it see :


I’m not using neon, so I don’t know if this answer will still work

This is what the Offline Updates setting in System Settings toggles on or off. This option didn’t exist when that was posted on Reddit.

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I guess you never update your kernel?

Neon uses reboots to be more stable with lots of changing apps.