kde notification location is wrong

After installing kde on gentoo, the menu and program notification are opened in the middle of the screen. What should I do? , I remember the menu is in the lower left corner and notifications are in the lower right corner

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer, so I cannot help you directly.

That said, I have seen this behaviour before. Check it has not been reported at


If it has not, please report it!

click on the desktop, type “notifications”, and go to the settings page in the search results.

under popups there is a position setting you can alter to suit.

I have changed the notification in the bottom right corner, But it didn’t work

that’s unfortunate.

that means it’s likely something with your gentoo build… kde is complex collection of packages that if they are not all in sync can cause issues.

maybe start by comparing your build to one of these established configurations to see if you might have over/under built parts of the KDE ecosystem.

tumbleweed and fedora also have highly praised KDE implementations that might provide insight.

Thank you, I have identified the problem as I am using Wayland and have replaced it with x11. Everything is working properly

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