KDE Online Accounts and Google - KDE Neon 6.0

Hi gang, first post here. First day using KDE Neon as a purer KDE feeling, coming from a Linux Mint install with KDE.

Most of the time, I’m unable to connect to Google accounts through Online Accounts in settings. Google returns that the browser is not secure.

If I use ONLY the keyboard to navigate the login steps (I don’t touch the mouse), I can get through the login, 2FA, and approval of services. But then I get a “Bad Request.” error with “Loading cancelled” in Dolphin.

I browsed some other posts that indicated the issue was related to an outdated signon-ui library from Keon’s Kubuntu base. One workaround suggests repackaging an rpm to deb, but that seemed to rely on a signon-ui 0.17. My KDE Neon has 0.18 so looks like a downgrade.

Ironically, the Online Accounts feature was working in Linux Mint 23 with KDE slapped on top. Perhaps this is to do with Neon’s 22.04 base?

I really like my first day of KDE Neon, congrats to the team. I’d love to keep it as my daily driver. Would love to read if there’s any hope for native Google Drive integration in it.

Thanks in advance,