KDE Overview/Edges features don't work while running a game (Solved)

Hello I’m a recent convert from gnome and I’m trying to get things setup the way I like them. I saw the KDE has the feature Overview that can be triggered by super+w and bound to edges. And it works fine most of the time but when I run a game and want to use the feature it seems to be disabled or broken. I thought it might have something todo with running the game in full screen and was able to find a checkbox in the edges settings to “Remain active when windows are fullscreen” but even with this setting turned on nothing happens. Is there a config file somewhere to turn on the Overview feature while running a full screen app?

Which game on which distro do you use? On Plasma’s control center, under “Compositor” you have the option “allow applications to block the compositor” (or something like that, I’m using the Spanish version). With that option on, games such as supertuxkart disable the compositor and that means that those “special effects” won’t work there.

Thanks it was the compositor setting that was blocking it. I was testing it using several Steam games and one bottle game running wine.