KDE Partition Manager does not have FAT 12

In Ubuntu I installed KDE Partition Manager so I can format a USB drive in FAT 12 for a HAAS CNC controller floppy to USB converter module to use. But the software only has FAT16 & FAT32. Is there a different version, maybe older one? If so, how do I get it & install it please. Thank you.

Well I think I found a workaround.
Ran KDE Partition Manager, deleted the partition, created new partition (unformatted, 30 MB [must be 32 MB or less for FAT12]).
Then in term window as root, “fdisk -l” to find device, then “mkfs.vfat -F12 /dev/sdb1”.
Seemed to do the trick for 1.44 Floppy format.

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