Kde partition manager

That sounds like Canonical and Ubuntu, are you confusing them? xD

Jokes aside.
Yeah, you seem unhinged and everything seems to be personal and should be completely disregarded, unless you want to provide some kind of proof, this is pretty much slander.

I also have personal issues with a few, specifically on their forum, harassment and such, but I would NOT start using that as an argument to get others not to use a VERY good distro.
Just seems very vindictive and childish tbh.

I’m not confusing a damn thing and you damn well know it. The only child here is you and you alone. It’s EXTREMELY childish to dismiss our experiences with Manjaro. Grow up.

No I REALLY do not “know it”.
What I DO see though is you, spreading hate without reason. Posting links with “information” that is false and outdated and getting super angry when confronted.

Ok, one more time, WHAT EXPERIENCE IS THAT? You personal grief with other people? Wtf has that have to do with the stability and funtion of a distro?!?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

As an example, I was so badly harassed on that forum I was hospitalized (in combination of history in my life pushed me to that), and the response from them was to make the harasser a moderator. I kid you not.

But that does not mean the distro is bad, only that a few people are.
And those few people SHOULD NOT DICTATE anything for anyone.
What you are doing is the exact opposite.

The only one full of BS is you. I’m sorry you don’t like the truth, but that is your problem not mine. You really should conside seeing a mental health professional for your issues.

That is a prime example of their behavior and not the first time someone who probably should have been banned got made a moderator.

What bedna said in multiple replies.

It’s Disinformation. Some of it may be based on a Misrepresentation of the Facts, others pure fake News.

All of it has been replied to on multiple occasions, and been shown to be invalid.

I don’t understand why @ CummingCowGirl likes this post. It disagrees with everything she and others have said about Manjaro. I’m agreeing with Bedna.

The FUD about Manjaro is Disimformation, misrepresentation and Outright lies.

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Friendly reminder to avoid rudeness and personal attacks. People are welcome to their opinions, and are also welcome to ask others to back up their opinions with evidence and facts, all without rudeness and personal attacks.

Next reminder will be less friendly and result in a locked thread.

You could just lock it now. It doesn’t appear to be going anywhere… and for me and some others it seems to be mostly whack a mole.

We seem to be getting too many of these attacks on Manjaro, that use the same sort of Logic based on Disinformation, Misinformation and Lies, and especially the reguritation of old news that is no longer relevant.

I get that there are people who don’t like Manjaro, for whatever reasons, but supporting that dislike with outdated and misinformed information is simply ridiculous.

Way too much of it is like attacking Plasma 6 because of the Plasma 4 issues, or even because of the issue over the recent 3rd party Global Themes.

It’s not constructive and wastes everyone’s time.

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Yeah, at this point there’s an accepted answer and the conversation has veered off into off-topic territory.

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