KDE Phabricator maintenance (phorge.it?)

I found phorge.it recently. It’s a community-maintained fork of Phabricator, and based upon we.phorge.it, appears to be properly and actively maintained.

Since it and other forks (if any exist) shall probably eventually digress of Phabricator’s codebase, thus causing inconsistencies with its configuration, are there any plans to migrate phabricator.kde.org to a maintained fork (soon)?

Thanks for the suggestion!
I’m not an expert on this area, but I believe that we are planning on moving away from Phabricator entirely, and yes, hopefully soon.

From the community wiki:

Phabricator is still used for task tracking until this functionality is migrated to GitLab.


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Oh, of course – I forgot about the open issues on GitLab to provide that task visualization functionality. (They’ve barely been attempted, unfortunately, so I’m rarely reminded.)

I’d mark your comment as the solution if we had the relevant plugin.

The Solved plugin is only enabled on the Help and Site Feedback categories I believe. You can always edit the original post and add [SOLVED] to it if you want.

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