KDE PIM removing certain packages also removes main packages

In KDE PIM solution there is a lot of dependencies involved.

Such as Contact Print Theme editor, Mail filter sieve scripts, KTnef etc. Moving those not needed by user removes the main apps of PIM - Kontact, KMail and Addressbook.

I am on Fedora KDE, is it RPM or is it bundled that way ?

More than likely those are required, why do you want to get rid of them? If you just want them gone from your application launcher, use the menu editor to delete them.

What is the use of Contact Print Theme editor ?

I mean, there are use cases for those apps but it is not focused or used by majority of people, my guess. It’s good to have those apps integrated but why make it a dependency that removes the main apps.

Does it require these in Flatpak Apps, No. Then why does it on native packages then ?