KDE Plasma 5.27 desktop freaks out!

Nevermind, I saw an opportunity to ask for intel without paying much attention to the date, since if you are not in a position to report such info anymore, by all means ignore my suggestion.

Stability in software means “relatively bug-free” that’s completely relative. For debian that’s equivalent to oldish software by choice to reach for maximum available stability. As older code tends to be have less bugs, because they have been longer maintained and more bugs have reported and fixed since their initial stable (by the upstream developer standard) release.

I don’t understand the context in which you raised this quote of “stable”.

It was in response to LandisTwo’s question of the use of the term “Solid as a rock.”

This is why I would call Debian “stable,” but call SlowRoll “solid.”

In my posts in response to the OP, it upset the OP, so I removed them and left the “Removed for offensiveness.” in their place, because angering the OP was not my intention.

It appears that every post I have made in this thread has either angered or confused everyone else. It was not my intention, so I’ll just go away.

stable means not changing.

it also means whatever bugs are in the “stable” version are the bugs you are going to have to live with for a while, it does not mean there are fewer bugs since bugs are getting fixed all the time as new ones are introduced.

if software is “unstable” by your definition then it’s alpha or beta software and it’s not ready for release yet.