KDE plasma 6.0.1 in KDE neon

Hello everyone !

KDE plasma 6.0.2 will arrive next week and 6.0.1 has been released Tuesday. Yet, this update has not been available for me on KDE neon. Is this the case for other KDE neon users ?

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Same here (but for me KDE neon is only a “test installation”).

Chiming in just to confirm that I’m also yet to see the 6.0.1 updated listed on either Discover or pkcon, and the reason why I stumbled into this discussion is because I was trying to figure out if anyone is experiencing the same issue, and whether or not this was the result of me botching my system during the upgrade process.

Thankfully this thread appears to settle both some of theses questions.

With that out of the way, I think pretty odd that the upgrade to 6.0.0 was seemingly a bit rushed out the door, and now the 6.0.1 update that appears do address a number of significant issues is taking forever to be made available to users…

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Yes I can confirm the same thing. But overall despite a few glitches, Neon with Plasma 6 is awesome and I’m sure we’ll see the updates pretty soon.

I use to update on Sundays, and yesterday I noted KDE Neon remained with Plasma 6.0.0

Wha I have seen after updates, yesterday:

openSUSE Tumbleweed  Plasma 5.27.10
Arch                 Plasma  6.0.1
Debian testing       Plasma 5.27.10
Fedora 39            Plasma 5.27.10
PCLinuxOS            Plasma 5.27.10
Mageia Cauldron      Plasma  6.0.1
KDE Neon             Plasma  6.0.0
Void                 Plasma 5.27.10
Manjaro              Plasma 5.27.10
MX Linux             Plasma 5.27.5

I’m also carefully watching for 6.0.1, because I backdated repositories from testing to user once Neon 6 was released, and hope all went well. (So far so good.)

I’ve seen this discussion Plasma 6.0.2 released, implying that 6.0.2 would arrive in a few hours (02/12/2024) at most. It sounds to me that 6.0.1 should already be available for KDE neon user edition. Has anyone got the 6.0.1 update on this distro ?

Not yet. I have just tested for an update.

6.0.1 was skipped. 6.0.2 packages are building …


Okay great, thank you !

It’s not available yet.

6.0.2 being installed as I type this. 116 upgraded packages. Done.

KDE Plasma Version: 6.0.2
KDE Frameworks Version: 6.0.0
Qt Version: 6.6.2


All good here too!

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Unfortunately there was a regression that made it pretty much unusable on Intel integrated graphics on both Wayland due to extremely low framerate, so bad that even the mouse movement was choppy, and Xorg due to what I suspect was Kwin crashing multiple times within the hour and often leaving me unable to interact with open applications.

It was so bad, that I had to resort to temporarily setting my neon.list to testing just so I could update Plasma to 6.0.1. That did solve almost all of the issues.

6.0.2 has been released 13/14 hours ago for KDe Neon