KDE Plasma 6 gets blurry and pixalated

I installed Arch linux and it came with kde plasma 6 but the thing that i noticed that some icons goes blurrish and pixalated and they turn sharp as soon as i hover over them but when i installed games and played them and when i closed them in fullscreen. my whole desktop turns pixalated and blurry. here is a screenshot its not that severe as when i close the fullscreen application. i tried to change focus settings but it didnt helped. i also tried turning off all windows and desktop effects which also didnt helped

i have this problem too, i think it might be a problem with kde package.

This is probably 485740 – Blurry Icons in Panel and Icon Tray until cursor hovers over them.

but my whole desktop become blurry mostly after closing fullscreen application

If it’s not just icons, then it’s probably not that issue.

Are you on Wayland or X11, and what’s your screen’s native resolution, current resolution, and scale factor?