KDE Plasma 6 less resource intensive?

Beta is soon out, but in the meantime… can alpha testers vouch for a less resource intensive KDE Neon Plasma ?

Why not try it out yourself? :slight_smile: Resource usage is always highly personal, as people use the system differently and engage different features with different levels of system resource requirements. Only you can really answer the question of whether Plasma 6 is currently less resource intensive for your use cases than Plasma 5 was.

That said, Plasma 6 is also not released yet, so I would expect things to change and improve before the final release in three months. Alpha/Beta software often consumes more resources compared to the final release.

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But, from what you have experienced so far, is it that much worse or at least, equal to stable?

With a slideshow wallpaper, memory usage of the plasmashell process itself is much higher right now; 800+ Mb as opposed to 150-300 on Plasma 5. This is probably easily fixable, it’s just that no one’s done it yet because we’ve been in “add new features” mode for the past few months. Soon (on Tuesday!) we’re entering “fix bugs” mode, so I expect it to get fixed.

Other than that I haven’t noticed any worse performance.


It would be less resource intensive if you would force people to install KDE connect, KDE connect SMS and other BS we do not need. But when uninstalling we uninstall whole system because dependencies are also uninstalled.

Also discover store gives no details what exactly is going on when installing/uninstalling.

Please do not call our software “BS” :frowning: (although you turned it into a cute acronym, it doesn’t make it any less hurtful)

I’m very sorry that you have had a bad experience with trying to uninstall KDE connect, but that is rarely the fault of the software itself (usually the distribution) and definitely not Nate’s doing.


Whether KDE connect and other software is installed by default depends on the Distribution. Which Distro are you using?

How did you try to uninstall kde connect?

OK. I’ll use more appropriate language. Unnecessary programs. Basically all programs should have a tick “install/don’t install” in installation process. From A to Z.

I use KDE Neon latest stable. I used Discover.

Or trying to remove KDE plasma Desktop - Weather Report. Ridiculous.


Discover isn’t presenting it in the best way, but that’s happening because all those widgets are bundled together in one package (called kdeplasma-addons). And you can’t pick and choose which part of a package to install; it’s all or nothing.

It would be possible for us to split this one package into like 30, with each widget in its own package. And then you could individually install only the widgets you want, either through your distro package manager or through store.kde.org, if we put them up there. But at a certain point, you have to wonder if this is a useful exercise. Each new package adds some overhead for users, developers, and packagers, and complicates the dependency tree of KDE software. There are trade-offs.

Really the solution here IMO is for Discover to not present those widgets individually, but rather group them all together into one entry so it’s clear that you can have all of them, or none of them, but not something in between.


All of kdeplasma-addons is 6mb in size in total and those addons you don’t use don’t take anything other than storage space. I wouldn’t worry about it.


If you are not using certain programs you shouldn’t need to have them installed.
Also if it is only 6 mb as you say. Plus it makes easier to see what it is installed if there is less stuff on the list since your list is smaller.

Although the discussion about packaging etc. is interesting, it probably deserves to be in a separate thread. I think “resource intensive” is usually taken to refer to CPU or RAM usage, not disk space or user cognitive load of looking at long lists.


I just felt it necessary to say that I’m sorry there are people like tdpo2 out there with frankly ridiculous demands and a basic lack of understanding of what a distribution is. I hope you realize there are so many of us out there who appreciate your hard work in making an operating system for free.

I contribute what I can. I wish people like tdpo2 put their money where their mouth is too. It’s sad that Microsoft makes billions in pocket change to create a subversive and lackluster OS while you guys are given a tiny fraction of that to make a truly excellent one.

And then to be repaid with entitled freeloaders complaining and criticizing is very frustrating to witness


I don’t know, I really like KDE Connect, since I’m always sharing things from my cell phone to my PC, it seems necessary for many people.

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But when uninstalling we uninstall whole system because dependencies are also uninstalled.

It sounds like your distro packaged KDE Connect through a meta package. At least that is what it is called on Arch Linux.

With Arch, KDE Connect can be installed separately or through the kde-network-meta package. The meta package disallows its dependencies from being uninstalled without having to uninstall the meta package itself.

I remembered first time installing Plasma on Arch and be like where the hell is Konsole.