KDE random audio changes (Media Controller)

I use the media control to change firefox audio separately from my main speakers, but it randomly changes the audios volume. Sometimes it changes by 1% or other times it jumps to 100% like if it was a jumpscare. Any suggestions on fixing this?

Nobara 38
KDE Plasma: 5.27.8
Kernel: 6.5.6-200
Pipewire: 0.3.82

Can you tell me wich media controls misbehave (how to reproduce?) Or post a screenshot how you change your volume?

So far its just firefox, I use a hotkey to change the media audio. I haven’t noticed any other application doing this.

The volume level in the media controller applet is a property of the MPRIS (the standard interface for media controls on Linux) player.

I’d suspect that random changes in the volume there come from the application (i.e. Firefox) itself

So I think you are correct, Firefox is the issue but only when watching/listening to YouTube videos. I’ve used Vivaldi and used firefox with other media players (hbo, disney plus, etc) with no problems. I honestly don’t know why youtube is doing this. Thank you for responding.