KDE Systemsettings deletes shortcuts to change windows on lxqt

I installed Fedora 40 recently,so i tested it out to see that everything is working properly. When i wanted to alt+tab it would not work,so i opened Kde systemsettings. I clicked on the “Window Management” button and saw that my the shortcuts for changing windows where not set,so i set them,but after clicking apply it still would not work. So,i went back and saw that it didn’t save my settings.

I forgot to mention that i was using kwin-x11

I have made a video about it

Are you using Plasma System Settings app on LXQT?

Yes,i could configure my kwin under lxqt before i updated

Can i edit a config file somewhere? maybe that will work

Lxqt will probably prioritize the default shortcuts and those are meant for openbox. You might have to look at that.
Look up the rc.xml’s, both openbox as lxqt.

I found and modified the file,didnt do anything.

Kwin on lxqt takes quite a bit to more or less work properly. I believe the kwin globals in lxqt are set in ~/.config/klgobalshortcutsrc ( if I recall correctly). Might wanna check that one.

The shortcuts are there but it still doesnt work
“Walk Through Windows=Alt+Tab,Alt+Tab,Lépegetés az ablakok között
Walk Through Windows (Reverse)=Alt+Shift+Backtab,Alt+Shift+Tab,Lépegetés az ablakok között”

I switched to plasma and the shortcuts are there but not on lxqt
When i tried to switch windows it gave me this message:“The Windows switcher’s install was broken,resources are missing. Contact support with your distrobutor about this.” I uninstalled the kwin package while trying to fix this.
I will reinstall the Plasma group now

ummmm,i reinstalled the group and it still gives me the message on plasma