KDE Wayland freezing

Hello. Recently, i decided to come back to linux mainly for programming purposes. So, i did what every naive linux user does, install arch. My arch install uses KDE plasma (specifically wayland i believe) , however ive been running into a deal breaker issue. Namely the freezes ive mentioned in the title. Usually if not just fading to black entirely, some windows will still work while anything else (e,g taskbar) are just unresponsive. A reboot has made it return to normal but im honestly tired of constantly rebooting to simply use my computer. While i dont know the exact cause, more often than not this happens while im attempting to download something new, open a file, close a program or similar.

Now, if resolving the issue is out of the questtion, is there a way to automatically refresh the desktop and keep all the states of my programs?

Please keep in mind im not that linux savvy so you will have to be overrly descriptive of how to do some things. Sorry

At the bottom corner of the login screen, you should be able to select your session. Change to X11 and see what it does. Wayland is not ready for everyone yet, but it is improving by the day. You did not state what hardware you have, but I am guessing nVidia might be in there somewhere.


You can try to open krunner (if it is not frozen) by using ALT+SPACE or ALT+F2 and type plasmashell --replace then hit Enter. That would restart plasmashell and the panel.

Like Wilson already mentioned: If you are using Nvida+Wayland switch to X11 for now. Try again once Plasma 6 is released, I think there are a few Nvidia fixes in there.

Otherwise check out the Arch Forum for similar issues or we need log files.