KDE wayland game stutters

Under wayland (plasma 5.27.9) I experience a lot of stuttering that does not seem to appear when running a game on other environments like Hyprland.

There is also no issue under KDE X11. What can I do to mitigate said issues?

These are my current compositor settings.

I launch said game (Genshin impact via an unofficial client) with DXVK_ASYNC=1 %command% using the dxvk fork called dxvk-gplaysync.

Is this a plasma bug(since it doesn’t seem to appear on hyprland) or a simple misconfiguration.

I should also note I tried launching the game on a gamescope window and the same happened.

Update: also tested GNOME, yes the stutters seem to appear only on KDE wayland.

Use ‘Balance of latency and smoothness’ or ‘Force smoothest animations’ instead of prefer/force lowest latency.

nope once again the games mere existence running makes the entire desktop stutter.

Update: Honestly it seems all kinds of high APU activity makes kde wayland and its cursor lag, for example compiling shader caches…