[KDE + Wayland + OpenSUSE] Dolphin searching feature does not work for mounted additionnal disks

Hello !

I am currently writing you because when I am using the Dolphin files and folder searching field for my main disk, everything is working perfectly fine. However, for each of my additionnal disks I have mounted, Dolphin research feature is unable to find anything. Is there a way to solve this problem, and has it been reported ?

Thanks a lot for answering :slight_smile:

Have you added these locations in System Settings >> Search?
By default it is only set up to search your $HOME.

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If you add those additional disks as @claydoh suggested, it may take a bit of time to index them.

I will try to do that but what is strange is the fact that my disks are under my $HOME directory. I have mounted them here : $USER/mounted_drives

So if $HOME is considered by dolphin, then it should also search inside the mounted_drives folder, right?

It is feasible to add SOME folders to your File Search (indexing) in settings - I assume you did look at your settings before posting?

So here, I can throw podcasts and other audio files on my media storage disk, and select folders to index - but I wouldn’t add the whole disk (I did this once before, and with backups on that disk it basically had a million or ten files to index and just got bogged down).

2023-10-11 17:08:16

Sure, but I think it also may be from your system possibly seeing those drives as ‘removable’, perhaps, which is another thing that the indexer doesn’t touch by default.
Could be just a bug, too.

Haha good point there… but it looks like @GrgMdmn is mounting his drives inside his user directory…

So for me, it’s ~/home/ben/mounted_drives/T4 and I might wonder why it isn’t indexed (assuming it’s persistently mounted).

This isn’t my forte, since I started mounting I think initially /media/T3 for my first 3TB Toshiba drive some years ago, and putting my media and downloaded seed files there, I later shifted to /mnt/T3 and added more drives - but in fact there doesn’t seem to be much difference.

I would simply try to add whichever individual folders - and see if that works, or if there’s some kind of permissions issue with the mount.

So settings - file search (add a specific folder and make sure indexing is complete).
Then open Dolphin and search for a file you can see from krunner/menu.

You can expose the group/owner/permissions columns in dolphin to see what works and what doesn’t.

Hello and thank you for your answers.

@claydoh : I have tested adding the mounted drives in System Settings → Search, but it does not give any results

Indeed, my drives are persistently mounted, I have added them inside of my fstab.

I noticed something “funny”. It if click on my main drive (that contains mounted_drives folder) and search for a folder that is inside of my other drives, then, after a time I am able to get it.

However, if I click on the drive that contains the folder and search for it, then nothing comes (whereas the path is indeed /home/user/mounted_drives/other_drive/).

​And if I take back my first case, if I click on the folder I have found, and then try to search something inside, then it fails (the name corresponds to a file that is directly inside this folder).