KDE Widgets don't stay put

Hey guys,

I’ve been having a lot of fun fooling around with widgets in KDE. For reference, I’m using a Steam Deck, with a small internal display and a 1440p external display I use for office work.

I discovered after rebooting my steam deck that the widgets were suddenly scattered all over the place. It seems that whenever I use the internal display, the widgets try to conform to the much lower resolution screen and go all over the place.

Is there a setting buried somewhere so that I can localize my widget layout to only activate and display on one specific monitor? I don’t really use widgets in handheld mode.

you might want to try using Activities, where you can have a completely different desktop layout (panels, widgets, desktop icons, etc) and easily switch between them.

also there was a bug with 5.24 that caused plasmoids to shift upon reboot which has largely been fixed in 5.27… so it may be worth upgrading now that it’s easily available.