Kde won't start, tryed to reinstall but

I use Kubuntu and two days ago I upgrade kde with backports resources. This morning it showed black screen only.
I tryed to sudo apt reinstall kde-plasma-desktop but i have some problems:
-plasma desktop : depends: plasma-workspace (>= 4:5.24.2) but it’s not installable
libnotificationmanager : depends: libkf5screen7 (>= 4:5.24.4") but it’s not installable
recomends kinfocenter (>= 4:5.23.90") but it’s not installable
recomends kscreen (>= 4:5.23.90") but it’s not installable
E: Impossible to correct errors: some blocked packages are broken

someone else on here is having a similar issue and my discover is showing a security update pending (i have not restarted this morning ) with these packages outstanding


i’m gonna hold of installing these or restarting until i see these issues are getting resolved.

Sorry, I didn’t understand… what have I to do in according to resolve?

no one seems to know yet.

the list of outstanding packages as changed twice this morning and now looks like this


no idea what’s going on over there in kubuntu land this monday morning

my update icon in the system tray changed from red to my usual cyan color and so i just restarted my machine, discover show everything is up do date.

sudo apt update shows the following packages are being held back

python3-update-manager update-manager-core

i would try to boot to your Advanced settings for the kernel and run the dpkg as well as the create more space utilities to roll back any botched package installs and then see if your pending updates don’t look more like my last pic instead of the first one.