KDEConnect Filesystem Password


I have been using KDE Connect on a Windows 10 PC and an Android 11 phone for a while and have been really happy with it. However, after updating the Android app to version 1.31.1 today, it now asks for a password. This password prompt occurs when WinSCP tries to create what I believe to be an SFTP connection to browse the phone’s storage.


Does anyone know where I can find the password or if this is a bug?



Can confirm this, seems to be a bug that’s not present in Version 1.30.1, but occurs when updating to 1.31.1.
The old version is still available on fdroid, downgrade to 1.30.1 as a temporary workaround.

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Thank you, i have downgraded to 1.30.1 and it works. i hope it gets fixed with the next version

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