KDEConnect loses connection and must be re-paired

I’m pairing a Pixel 8Pro with an Ubuntu 22.04 desktop. Connect version 1.30.1 on the Pixel w/Graphene OS; GSConnect tool

GSConnect: 50 (system)
GJS: 17202
Session: x11
OS: Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS

At some point, usually if either machine is restarted or unlocked, the connection is lost and will not recover. Pixel end reports “Not connected to any device”, but remembers that it had a connection to Ubuntu, it just can’t find it again.
Ubuntu end stated that Pixel 8 is disconnected.
The pairing originated at the Pixel 8, but if pairing is dropped on the Ubuntu end, the Pixel 8 can usually, but not always, manually re-pair and resume working.
UDP is connection protocol, as Bluetooth has never reliably worked on the Ubuntu. I’ve checked whatever I can find, but can’t find why the connection cannot resume.
Any suggestions?

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